Why YellowLing?

A YellowLing

We are a Startup made up of people with young and innovative spirit who bring together their experiences to provide unique and visionary solutions. Like you, we are done with all the red tape and ineffectiveness.

If you have ever had to hire translation services, whether for you or a company, it’s likely that your experience wasn’t the best one. Getting a quote is so time-consuming, not to mention it’s usually a rip-off that comes with all the red tape wrapping it up, just to name a few.

We believe in human potential, in what makes this project a reality - our Translators, Staff, Partners and Customers. This helps us be on an endless pursue for the state-of-art translation services, connecting the world through languages.

Our purpose is to get rid of all the red tape and make the world of translation accessible to all.

Technological Solutions

We develop technologies to fix common issues faced by people and companies when hiring translation services.

We create a centralized service ecosystem where you can access hundreds of translators from a wide range of languages pairs. We have developed a secure platform to help you get the best quote through a quick and smart documentation analysis process, allowing you to choose the best deadline to meet your needs. Thanks to this ecosystem, we can cut the quoting time from 20 hours (market’s average time to provide a quote) to less than 1 minute through simple, intuitive steps.

Our smart system identifies the best market rates among our translators’ community, providing you with the best available price.

Our platform has been developed to fix all main issues, delivering a quick, bureaucracy-free, fairly priced service. That’s why we are the largest translation service platform in Latin America.


Managed Processes

Our platform provides unique tools to easily manage your orders, helping you track delivery dates and have better control over your demands.


+ 132 Supported Formats

The platform is compatible with more than 132 document formats, of which 24 are of automated localization, that is, translations in the exact same format as the original.


Artificial Intelligence

We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to perform the document analysis, contents and to optimize processes, resulting in effective outcomes.

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We create solutions to make life easier and provide results.