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Professional translation services made easy. We change the world with words, technology and people.


Professional translations services

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way of translating with experient professionals of a high level. Sworn, certificated and technical translations in a few clicks with totally manageable proceedings..

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Investments in technology

We are against the inefficiency and bureaucracy, that’s why we invest in technology and especially in people, to optimize proceedings and deliver efficient and qualified results.

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Business solutions

We offer solutions for companies in many steps, providing an exclusive platform for totally manageable proceedings, sworn translations with digital signature and logistic integration.

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We are one step ahead. We offer solutions for language services that include all your future needs. We develop technologies that produce agility

Sworn translation

Made by a public translator (Sworn Translator), this modality offers public faith for the translations, used in case of certificates, civil documents, educational ones, etc.

Certified Translation

We make the translation and emit a certification, attesting the quality and authenticity of the document content which can be verified online in our platform, being this document without validity for legal purposes;

Commercial Translation Comercial

With high precision, is intended for translations of documents as technical manuals, reports, contracts, powers of attorney, fiscal documents, financial documents, researches, etc.

Technical Translations

Also known as free translation, performed by professional linguists, with high precision in terminologies, being suitable for each of its categories in the commercial, legal, medical, financial and other areas.

Web Applies Translation

Is the location and translation of platforms. web applies, websites, systems, API’S, developing applications in multi-languages. Is the location and translation of mobile Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps.


Sworn and certified translations which are signed digitally, providing the same validity of the physical signatures and resulting in fast, safe and economical proceedings.


We are proud to generate value in our sector and for our customers, but especially in our team and our translators, that are fairly remunerated in a collaborative work space, fun and open to all: a culture which inspires talented individuals to do the best for you.


We spare hundreds kilos of CO2 per year, by investing on technology to reduce more than 80% of the use of papers.

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